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April 3, 2017

By now you should know I have a penchant for all things bougie. BUT while my heart desires designer labels, curated experiences and the best that life has to offer, but pockets are screaming "Don't do it girl", "Think again" and "#ByeFelicia" lol. I'm going to share some of my tricks of the trade if you will that have enabled me to enjoy life without always paying full price! This is especially pertinent for students and moms (holla at me single moms). Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments! I'd love to update and revise this starter list.

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Ways to Be Bougie On a Budget (aka Finessin' These Finances)

1) Groupon - is and ALWAYS will be my A1 from day 1. Groupon was shootin' with me in the gym...but really. I have used Groupon since my days in NYC and it has paid off. I have been able to enjoy various activities in different states because of the wonder that is G-pon. Hats off to the founders of this wondrous company! I spent about $30 for 4 activities for me and the kids this week. That's 4 activities for 4 people for $30!!! 

2) Library - Having worked at the Lexington Public Library, they offer so many services and programs to kids and families FOR FREE! Literally it's as simple as clicking on their website and searching the master calendar to find an activity for adults, teens and kids alike. TRY IT! 

3) Kids Eat Free/Cheap days - Yeah I said it! lol There is NO shame in my game. I honestly cannot afford to spend $50+ every time our family of 3 or 5 goes out to eat. That is money out the window to me especially considering how much we spend on groceries! 

4) Where it counts, buy in BULK - I have found that bulk purchasing does not work for every facet of my life, but on things you know will be used on a daily basis, it makes cents (see what I did there?) to purchase large quantities. Costco and Sam's are my go-to's because they are the only ones in my area. What do I buy in bulk? Laundry detergent, dish washing detergent, seasoning/condiments, bottled water, toilet paper (like seriously do kids eat this stuff?!? lol), paper towels (again...we must be eating this stuff), soap and body wash, coffee and some fruit and veggies 

5) Ebates - Get this app on your phone and then attach this mug to your browser! It will save your life. For purchasing things you normally would or have to online, you get varying percentages back on your total purchase price. I've seen this go as high as 18%, Groupon last week and this week was 9%!  Click the link below to check it out and get $ for putting your friends on to savings!

6) Couponing - While I am not really good at this, if you have the time and effort to put into it I have seen it yield amazing results. You can Google how to coupon and will find tutorials from people of all walks of life. 

7) Don't eat out unless you have a discount - I used to spend like $40 a week on fast food and other stuff while working at the mall. Now that I'm doing hCG I have spent maybe $15 total in 2 weeks. Such a great way of saving. Just heed my advice...DON'T DO IT Y'ALL lol  

8) Employee discounts - Because I love beauty and the beauty industry, I have always in some capacity worked in beauty. Working in retail affords me a 25% discount of regularly priced cosmetics/ sale cosmetics and discounted clothing and other items. Working at the medspa enables me to get services at cost and products at cost as well. 

9) NEVER or RARELY buy clothing/shoes/hair care products or really anything at full price - I use my work discount on already discounted items and/or I go to Goodwill/thrift stores to get pieces for me, L, the girls and J. For hair products I try to wait for my favorite products to go on sale, shop for them online through Ebates and/or take advantage of brand specific discount codes! Discount codes = LIFE lol. 

Have any more tips to share? Comment below and I will add to the list and include you and your contribution. 

Until again,
Bougie Beauty Babe

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  1. Great tips! I would love to add to this, if you watch a ton of YouTube channels especially beauty type videos, many creators offer discount codes to purchase various items. Also, spring time is also a wonderful time in the beauty community where tons of brand names like Tarte, Ulta etc, do family and friend sales up to 40% off. Hope this helps!!


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