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May 4, 2017

I have been trying to be much more conscious of my body and how to better myself mentally, physically and spiritually. Since ending the hCG diet at -18 lb, I have discovered a lot about what my former diet was doing or NOT doing for me. Dairy and breads have to be extremely limited or they GOTTA GO completely! I'm not quite ready to release them yet lol, but seeing the change and results in my skin and in my level of bloat/inflammation, that day is coming soon. 

Now that I have been off of hCG for a full week and introduced some dairy and a few grains back into my diet, my skin is giving me a BIG middle finger. It's not about this life and I have had texture and inflammation galore. I started my new job April 22 and have been introduced to many new cosmetics and skincare lines. One that currently has my heart is Tata Harper. 

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Her line is 100% natural, 100% non toxic and 100% effective. Baaabbyyy! Image result for tata harperWhen I tell you that from using the products only 3 times of the past day and a half I have physically seen and felt the texture difference and brightening of my face, I'm NOT lying. Which brings me to my next point. The price point is about to blow my Bougie budgetin' ass out the water lol. 

For the three products I need: purifying cleanser and cleansing oil, hydrating essence and moisturizer - before my employee discount: $300+. I'm sure y'all know when I realized how much it would be, my soul left my body lol. But now that it has re-entered and is back amongst the realm of the living, I truly believe it will be money well spent. 

I always choose to spend my money on skin or body because I want to look good without makeup and eventually look good AF naked lol. I figure since the canvas (my face) needs to be clear, it makes more sense to spend $ on skincare...That's my splurge. I don't buy designer bags, clothes or shoes...I buy bomb ass skincare! 

So in a world of material things that function as accessories, TREAT YO' SELF. Spa treatments, skincare, vacations...treat yourself to things that are tangible...that yield visible results. Get your skin on fleek and take of the world. 

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