Who is BougieBeautyBabe?

Hey y'all! ^^^ That's me! Yep that melanated goddess you see above in all my brown skin glory. I'm Cicely and welcome to my space!

I'm a cool ass, educated (Bachelor's degree in English/Journalism and also a Nurse working on additional degrees), woke, young pro-black (which doesn't mean anti-anyone else), pro-positive, newlywed, mama of one amazing, handsome, kind little boy and a spunky cat named Luna who is looking to make a difference in the world while becoming the best version of myself. I am Baptist by upbringing, while I believe in God, I am more spiritual by nature. I am intuitive and sensitive and believe in the Universe and all the magic she holds. 

Current jobs include - Nurse, Nursing school student (LPN to RN, BSN), blogger, freelance makeup artist and sometimes plus-size model.

I am also into bougie things including Pilates, smoothies, crystals, travel (of course my son and I have passports), wearing luxury skincare and cosmetics, having Chardonnay taste on a Colt 45 budget and enjoying the finer things in life.

With that said I don't take myself too seriously, but I am serious about my growth and development. I hope that you will come to grow accustomed to and learn to love the sarcasm and wit that this blog provides. 

One part Autism mom Warrior. One dash makeup artist. One serving of #NurseBae. A healthy sprinkle of #blackgirlmagic. One part audacity. All parts that make up the Bougie Beauty Babe.
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