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April 21, 2017

The look when you're on the cusp of making your dream life a reality...
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A couple years back when I started my journey into MLM (multi level marketing), I was let in on a very important lesson from six and seven figure money earners: the power of personal development. Throughout our lives we are inundated with beliefs and mindsets and a lot of them are not the most conducive to living a positive and uplifting life.

Listening to audio books and hurling myself into reading about how to be a better me, how to earn tons of money in MLM, I learned how the seemingly small act of changing my thoughts could lead me to a much better and positive outlook and life. In my adulthood I have noticed highly successful celebrities, business owners and anyone who overcame extraordinary adversity proclaim quite simply and proudly "I believed I could, so I did". This single statement was at the heart of everything these successful people did. Just the belief that they could create their lives led them down an extraordinary path of abundance and far away from the original path their lives were previously destined to take.

In that vein, I have some suggested reading for you guys! Some of these I have read already or listened to (my list is marked with an *), but all I know will have some sort of value and potentially change the trajectory of your life as it stands:

The 10x Rule - Grant Cardone *
You Are a Badass - Jen Sincero*
You are a Badass At Making Money - Jen Sincero * (currently reading)
anything by John C. Maxwell (read 2 of his books) *
The Success Principles - Jack Canfield
The Slight Edge - Jeff Olson*
Life Your Life From The Front Seat - Jessica Butts*
The 4 Hour Work Week - Timothy Ferris*
The Power - Rhonda Byrne* (more in this series that I haven't read yet)
Secrets of Six-Figure Women - Barbara Stanny* (in the middle of reading this one)
Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it's a great starter to getting you in the right mindset to achieve any and everything you wished you could. If you're curious where to start or having some suggestions of your own, leave a comment below :).

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