April 11, 2017

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I honestly try to comport myself with a modicum (ok maybe a little more) of manners and respect towards others. Now I'm no saint, but I consciously put effort into NOT being a complete asshole. It's difficult at times, but working in retail I have learned to reign in and control a lot of the things I would normally say and just blurt out. One thing I won't stand for is people being unprofessional and taking jabs at me or anyone else when it suits them.

Recently, I resigned (gave 2 weeks notice) from my position at the retailer I was working for to pursue both another job AND Nursing school. While I honestly don't care who is or isn't happy for me, I do care about people who I owe nothing (I repeat, not a DAMN thang) voicing their opinions to me in a useless and potentially destructive way. Unless you care about my well being or actually help support me (with $ lol), keep that negative ISH to yourself.

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Luckily, my feelings don't get hurt easily (actually I'm not even sure what those are lol), but if things that were said to me in the same sarcastic, flippant attitude were said to another person, I can see how it could really hurt their feelings or make them feel some type of way about it. I personally will just NOT stand for the bullshit. I don't and won't tolerate people who beat around the bush, are fake or who simply project themselves to be something or someone they aren't.

I shouldn't even be giving this an entire blog entry, but I won't stand for disrespect especially when I know that I strive to do the right thing. One of my biggest issues with large corporations is that they seem to lose sight of ethics and morals in the pursuit of more capital gain. It's sickening actually and it translates into some of the people they hire into their establishments. At the end of the day, you can't please everyone...but I do believe in maintaining integrity AND making money. Happy employees = happy customers = more $$$$$. Very simple formula.
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All that taken into consideration, I know that I will continue to thrive, treat others with respect and work hard to do right by people and be the best person I can be. The same can't be said for others, but I guess not everyone can live the #BougieLife. I know that I have absolutely no space or time for the mess. I have always been the type of person that believes we can ALL win, but being shady, snarky or simply trying to bring others down is NOT the way to go about that. Another life motto I like to live by : "Try Jesus (insert Buddha, Allah, or whatever God/Higher entity you serve), don't try me"
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Until again,
Bougie Beauty Babe

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