June 29, 2019

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It became official on June 27, 2019! I'm now Nurse Cicely, LPN! I passed the NCLEX-PN in 85 questions and on the first attempt. I am also completing my first 2 weeks working at my first job as a Nurse in a Dermatology office. I truly enjoy what I'm doing and everything still seems unreal.

work attire

And because y'all KNOW I'm an overachiever, I was accepted into WKU's LPN to RN program and will begin class July 8 and then I'm slated for grad August 2020. Then, I plan to start my MSN program Spring 2021 at my 1st choice Northern Kentucky University or pending wherever I may live/want to live at the time.

It's still so surreal. This degree came through blood, sweat, and tears. I remember being at Dillard's contemplating the direction of my life and finally deciding to finish what I start. I remember a year ago being told I was being to put to part-time at Cos Bar and wondering how in the hell I was going to pay my bills! Remembering that at that point I promised myself I would never work in retail cosmetics full time again and that I was going to finish this damn degree and the next two degrees by any means necessary. Here I stand a year after deciding that my days giving myself full time to jobs that didn't value me were over and I can now get a job almost anywhere.

I try not to downplay the things I have been through because usually when I get THROUGH them and TO the other side I am just so relieved to be done that I don't want to reflect on the shit I dealt with to get there. But it deserves to be recognized and celebrated!

What I Lost:
A crumbling relationship
good credit score (because I didn't work full time for 6 months)
lots of sleep
my social life
time with my son
almost my sanity lol

What I gained:
the ability to work in my dream career
the ability to be the sole financial provider for me and Liam
rebuilding my financial stability and credit
the ability to move/work almost anywhere
a renewed sense of purpose
the reassurance that I truly CAN do anything
the confirmation that I'm on the right path in all areas
more confidence in myself and my abilities
a Nursing license!!! (1/4 hurdles to get to my end goal of being a Nurse practitioner with a DNP)

the smile you have when life ain't perfect, but it's worth it

So it continues...Cicely, RN loading :)

Until again,
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