Through the Fire...Almost Nurse Cicely

May 1, 2019

photo by: Amani Nichae

These last 16 weeks of my life have been hell! I tried to summarize them in a lighter tone, but there is none! Not a one. Med Surg I & II kicked my ass up and down the classroom. By the time finals came around in both classes, my grade was teetering on the edge of glory. That one last test stood between me and the rest of my life. It was by the grace of God and points for difficulty that I am standing here now.

I can say as of today May 1, 2019, only the NCLEX-PN stands in my way of true Nurse Cicely glory. I can NOT formulate the words to express how relieved, emotional, elated, proud, happy, excited, invigorated I feel.

Life has been tough lately. I recently saw a post on a friend's IG that talked about an episode of Grey's Anatomy where she stressed the importance of having people. We ALL need people, we were not meant to navigate this world alone and that struck a chord within me. While as I single Mom I shoulder the brunt of the work, my parents, my grandparents, my siblings, my friends, Liam's babysitter and so many other people that know and love us HELP. Luckily, since Liam has been in ABA therapy life with Autism has been so much smoother, but it's not always easy. I thank God for all the wonderful people that love and accept Liam just how he is. Despite and maybe because of Autism, he is a quirky, fun, smart, charming ray of light in my life and in the lives of others.

Without their help, this is NO WAY I could have done it. There is no way things could be as amazing as they are now. I have an amazing village of people. So many people tell me that I inspire them without knowing that a lot of the time without their encouragement, listening and just rooting for me that I don't always feel like DOING IT! My classmates, coworkers, former coworkers, instructors, clinical instructors, family friends, the man I've been seeing, family, Liam, my closest friends have ALL been pulling for me and pushing me when I didn't know if I had any more in me.

I got so mentally and physically exhausted sometimes. I got overwhelmed. I got frustrated. Nursing school pushed me to the limits and without my tribe, I truly don't know how I would have made it! Here I am still standing.

I did my practicum (final clinical rotation) in the Brain Injury unit of Cardinal Hill which was a complete deviation from what I originally picked, but it really worked out for the best. I got to have a pretty awesome preceptor and meet some wonderful patients and reconnect with some former classmates. So while women's health is still my passion, I certainly learned a lot and have a newfound respect for the nurses and techs in BIU.

I really can't believe the 2nd chapter of my Nursing school journey is coming to a close and it's still surreal to know that May 3, 2019 (about 6 years to the time when I originally started my RN journey) I will be a Nursing school graduate. It's wild.

#IssaNurse photo by: Amani Nichae

Vibrating Higher - The Art of Leveling Up

February 25, 2019

Working from within, glowing from within

Thanks to Ciara, the phrase "Level Up" is back full force in our daily vernacular and her message couldn't possibly be more timely in my own life. I took a cold, hard look at my 2018 and said "Biiiihhhhhh, you gots ta do better". I have always worked hard towards my goals and even when I have fallen short, I have always been one to find the silver lining in my mishaps. 

2018 was a year filled with lots of Ls. The majority of them were personal. At the close of 2018 "I said self, we are going to do things differently. We are going to get our shit together this year and come for everything you've ever dreamt of and more. From now on, it's go-mode towards my wildest dreams" 

Leveling up to me means being more positive and optimistic, being the best mom to Liam I can be and also elevating myself to the highest vibration I can. All of these things are something I have to work on daily. At 31, I am finally in a place where I am investing in and working on myself on a regular basis. I want to share with you some of the practices I believe are essential to propelling  forward and vibrating on a higher level: 

1) EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - I was introduced to the Tapping Wizard, Brad Yates via a friend back in 2015 via YouTube. I had heard of tapping, but it was never really on my radar. I use it daily to get myself in a positive and receptive mindset. If you don't know what EFT is, it is a technique used to balance your energy system. You literally tap on pressure points in your body with or without repeating mantras that clear blocks and elevate your spiritual vibrations. YouTube Brad Yates. There are many gurus and professionals out there, but I have grown accustomed to Brad and his style and had the chance to see and tap with him live in Cincinnati, OH in October 2018 with my friend Kristin. 

2) Workout/Physical activity - there is no better way to look, feel and be better than to work and work out your body. Since being back in organized workouts these past two weeks, I feel so much better. I am not as fatigued and emotionally I feel light and more positive. Those are all wins in my book. I said this semester that I would make the effort to workout to help with my mood, fatigue and memory/retention of material. 

3) Personal development - this can take many forms. This can be as simple as reading a book that teaches you about your personality type, taking a course on Psychology, learning how to love better, how to and self-help books, you name it. There is no wrong way to engage in personal development, I strive to learn something new and non-Nursing related daily. My most recent endeavor was to take a 6-week course from relationship coach Crystal Irom called Magnetize Your Match. It was an amazing experience and I got to dive into a lot of deep self-work and truly make some progress towards one of my prominent goals this year: meet my life partner, husband and future father of my kids and Dad to Liam. For more information on that program, click here  Crystal Irom Relationship Coach

4) Self-care - I love this topic so much I wrote a guest blog post on it here: SELF LOVE SERIES: TIPS ON SELF CARE. I truly think caring for your self is the crux of being able to be the best version of yourself and also in being able to level up. Being full is important so that you can pour into others.

5) Embrace, indulge and participate in your hobbies. For me, that meant this year choosing to be 1/3 of 2 other amazing women co-hosting a newly founded podcast: #MTG the podcast. It is such an amazing experience and I'm so glad I get to share this with Danielle & Brittany. I also started working out again and I have returned to my blog. I am taking time to do things I love and that makes my spirit happy. 

I recognize that leveling up looks different for everyone, but the aforementioned items are what works for me. I don't have everything figured out, but I truly believe when you put your self in the space to grow and allow for mistakes. Thanks so much for sticking with me guys. 

Until again,
Bougie Beauty Babe

31 Lessons in 31 Years/31 Thangs About Me

February 1, 2019

When you grown. Photo by: Erica Lee Photography (2018)/ MUA: Makeup by Kristin Gray 

My favorite national holiday has circled back around another year: my birthday! I saw a post on that inspired this blog and title. I wanted to share 31 truths I've learned in my 31 trips around the sun and mix in some fun facts about me. 

31. I can do bad all by myself.

30. "What you seek is seeking you" - Rumi

29.  Nothing happens before it's time. This is such a hard lesson to accept. But as I get older, I am more at ease. 

28. Quality ALWAYS outweighs quantity of friends. I have some of the best people in my circle and it is only a select few. 

27. "To thine ownself be true" - that sums it up for itself

26. A "no" doesn't mean forever, it just means right now. Be open and receptive to other options and possibilities you weren't considering. 

25. Nothing can ever happen if you don't take a chance. The older I get, the more hesitant I have become about making exciting, new, promising decisions. This was not a problem in my youth. I chalk that up to being a single mom in a single income household and bearing the brunt of the responsibility. What I have learned thus far in my womanhood/motherhood journey is that what works for me is usually what will work for Liam. If I can see the benefit for me and us as a family, then that's the green light. My parenting goal in this life is to raise a child/children who don't have to get therapy to recover from childhood trauma and to be present in my children's life. 

24. I have a secret desire to own a mini farm lol. I want a cow, about 3 dogs, 2 cats, chickens, a garden and a good size house on about 5 acres. Now, I don't know how to farm or garden, but I'm willing to learn lol. 

23. Motherhood for me has been one of THE most stressful, fulfilling and life-changing adventures and aside from having more money, there is absolutely nothing I would change.  

22. I used to have constant anxiety about providing for myself and my son, but EVERY TIME things work out for the best. "Won't He do it?!"

21. My favorite color is Cerulean.

20. I was born on a Monday.

19. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is my absolute favorite foundation (My color is #10 if anyone is feeling gifty lol).

18. I prefer lipgloss to lipstick, but love them both.

17. I am NOT a cat person, but my pound cat (got her from Lexington Human Society) Luna is my pride and joy lol.

16. My mama is one of my favorite people in this world. (That don't mean I don't love my Daddy because I certainly do)

photo by Christina Terrano/ HMUA: me

15. I know with certainty in my heart that I will meet my soulmate/life partner this year. Don't ask me how I know, but I do.

14. I'm intuitive and as I like to joke, ALMOST psychic. I have a way of sensing/feeling things that I usually can't explain. I am an ENFJ personality.

13. Liam was on my short list of baby names and when I saw him for the first time, I knew the name I picked fit perfectly.

12. This is year 10 for me as a single mom. I'm a whole decade deep!

11. I've never been married, but come close...

10. I believe working on yourself is key to getting better in all aspects and to helping those around you.

9. A dream/goal of mine is to have my own talk show a la Oprah meets Ricki Lake with a dash of Cardi B lol

8. Nursing is a 2nd career for me.

7. I'm a candle junkie. I love candles. Check out and

6. I like to surround myself with positivity and flowers (I often by myself flowers)

5. Outside of childhood, I've only had two good Valentine's Days. But this year that will change (because I'm taking matters into my own hands)

4. I recorded my previous weight loss journey on's still up for you to see lol

3. There are very few people you can rely on in life. The ones you can, be sure to cherish and honor them while you have the chance. 

2. Be thankful/grateful every day. A positive mindset and outlook always spawn positive actions in your life. This is NON-negotiable. 

1. No love compares to the love you should/need to have for yourself. You have to love you first to love anyone else. That doesn't mean that you won't have your bad days and days of doubt, but you need to know that you are a BAMF all day erryday. Okuurrrrrrr? *Cardi*

photo by: Christina Terrano/HMUA: me

$h!t I'm Leaving Behind in 2018

December 21, 2018

So that's it y'all. I'm!!! I have been deliveredt! lol 

photo cred: GRW Photography - Geneva Wilder

Here is a comprehensive list of shit I'm leaving behind in 2018 where the hell it belongs:

1) Dealing with people/things who are not an energetic match for me. You are not obligated to entertain anyone nor their bullshit!Your energy don't match mine? #Dassit. I'm out. A situation don't feel right? Peace.

2) Giving people the benefit of the doubt. You don't have to deal with excusesIf anyone knows ANYTHING about a busy,hectic, sKressful's me. Yet I don't let that stop me from showing people I care, showing them that they're important to me and being as present as I can. 

3) Forgetting who the f%#k I am. I'm a queen raising a wonderful young man. We both deserve the very best in everything and anyone we deal with and I REFUSE to accept less. 

4) Forgetting to take care of me. It's high time to get my nails done, my hair did, regular massages and the whole nine. I'm overdue to get back to putting myself #1 again. I can't help Liam, my family nor my friends if I don't have my shit together. If I'm not mentally, physically spiritually in tune, how can I help anyone else do the same? Take care of you baby, 'cuz aint nobody else gonna do it. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated, literally! Can't nobody treat you and love you better than you. 

5) F&*k shit lol. I'm not entertaining it no more! I LITERALLY have no time for it. I know better so I HAVE TO do better. #Dassit

6) In relationships: trying to get a man to my level. IF you are not already there, there are 2 choices: A) I can stand back and love/care for you while you ascend/grow/develop to meet me where I'm at (if that is what he CHOOSES to do & he proves that he is worth said support/wait) or B) I can gracefully bow out knowing that I need and require more. *Kanye shrug* Sorry, NOT sorry. 

7) Being a mediocre student. I need to strive for excellence. I don't want just ok/passing grades, I want to excel. I want to push myself to be the best student I can be. IT HAS TO HAPPEN. I want to know my craft inside and out. Ain't no mediocre! 

8) Being bad at keeping up with people I love. My people know I be M.I.A., but Nursing school y'all... Promise I'll do better. 

9) Saying too much - While I love a good clap back and letting people know about themselves if they're wrong. Sometimes it is truly more beneficial to say less or nothing at all.  What is understood doesn't need to be said and that's one lesson I learned this year. What's gon' be will be and either way Imma keep living my life and doing me!

10) Complacency - Cut the shit and get real within! If I'm not happy with the trajectory of my life, change something. Complacency is a dream killer and nothing comes from it but staying in one place. If you want mobility and the ability to reach your goals, complacency is NOT for you. 

11) Procrastination - Stop it immediately! Like right now as you're reading this. I sometimes fall into this trap and it doesn't do anything but make me more stressed out lol. It doesn't serve you or anyone else in your life. Leave it behind today, rett nah! Make a daily TO DO list and put all those things you don't want to do at the top and knock those things out! 

12) Lowering standards and not setting boundaries - From this day forward, I will be crystal clear with my standards/intentions/boundaries. I will continue to manifest my dreams, manifest my dream life and dream partner and I won't settle for anything less. To do so would be criminal!

13) Anyone who belongs there....*cue Beyonce's "Sorry"*

photo cred: Geneva Wilder

Attitude of Gratitude - end of 2018

December 18, 2018

It has been terribly long since I have penned a post. Sorry y'all. Life got in the way! Baaabbbyyyy, when I tell you this semester was one for the books...I mean it kicked my ass and turned me upside down lol.  BUT, "still I rise" lol. Y'all know I love my hyperbolic statements. I passed and now I'm on to my 3rd and FINAL semester of LPN school starting about a month from now on January 14.

When you had one HELL of a semester, but you survived and you out here letting your melanin push through and having expensive skin and living your best life lol.
So many things have transpired this semester and it literally has been a game of survival (mostly mentally). I left a job that I truly enjoyed, but that wasn't fulfilling emotionally nor financially anymore and went back to being FT in the hospital and freelancing in skincare/cosmetics. I left my hospital job in Cynthiana and moved to a larger hospital in Lexington. I have learned so much and it's helping me to truly decide if I want to do OB or Nursery/NICU. 

eating lunch after our last clinical

clinical group 

new job on postpartum and nursery

I was featured as a model in KY Bride Magazine (owwwwwww!). Itwas such an awesome experience. I got to be made up and try pretty dresses on for the day...not mad about it lol. I've been trying to get back into modeling because it's something that I miss. I got to shoot with a really cool chick named Geneva and we got some great shots to update my book :).

The spread. Dresses: Twirl, HMUAs: PinkLouLou, Photo: The Malicotes

photo by GRW Photography

Photo by GRW Photograpy

I also got to be a featured blogger for the Night Market which is a local Lexington initiative to bring a sense of community/neighborhood back to the North Limestone area. I personally know the woman who orchestrates in the 1st Friday of every month and she's so fucking awesome. Shout out to Samantha Johnson (SaManhattanPR), you the SHIT! thank you again for that opportunity. I will do a post on the NOLI Night Market once it resumes again in the Spring! 

Mom also finished her 1st semester of her ADN program successfully! #DontStopGetItGetIt . I'm so incredibly proud of my mama. 'Cuz I know the shit she had to go through to get to where she is and she's fucking amazing. Ain't nobody like my mama. Her resilience and determination is unmatched in my book. So congrats Mama!

Liam is thriving! This has been such a time of growth for him. ABA therapy is helping him grown by leaps and bounds. I'm so incredibly proud of him. I couldn't be happier with how he is doing. He is truly the sunshine of life  :).

I got to go see the Tapping Wizard himself Brad Yates in Cincinnati with Kristin back in October and had a blast! It was a really cool experience. He did it in a workshop style format and there was lots of participation It was awesome to see him in person.

So while this year hasn't all been roses and rainbows, I am truly thankful for growth. It seems like this year lasted 2 years lol and I will honestly be glad to see it gone. I'm awaiting the changes, challenges, surprises and triumphs that 2019 will bring including being a Nursing school grad in May!!! I promise to pen another post BEFORE May lol.

Until again,
Bougie Beauty Babe

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