2017: Month 6

June 7, 2017

Happy June!

While I may be currently failing at blogging, let me be clear that I’m making strides in other aspects of life lol! It’s been 5 weeks since I started my new full time job working for an awesome newer retailer and I love it. I have also come to the realization of quite a few things during that time. While I love beauty and skincare, retail is not my forever destination. I seek a life of more autonomy and being able to create and govern my own schedule. While retail DOES offer some flexibility, bending to the whim of every holiday for capital gain is not my speed anymore. In saying that, I’m not knocking my current company or any other retailer because they are all there for the same end goal: to make money. What I value more is time and scheduling freedom and the ability to continue to climb the salary ladder.
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So what’s on the horizon for the Bougie Beauty Babe? Nursing school. I start the 3 semester program at BCTC this fall for the next 3 semesters (graduation is December 2018) and will then spend another 3 semester in LPN to RN bridge (looking at Spring 2020) and THEN begin work in on an ADN to MSN bridge with the end goal being a Master’s degree in Nursing.  That is where I’ve always wanted to end up since this journey began. With consecutive school (i.e. not nan break – points if you caught the Trick Daddy reference lol), that should put me at finishing school sometime in the next 4ish years. Seems a bit far off, but that’s errythang! 3 nursing degrees and the ability to work as a Nurse Practitioner.    
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Liam and I are challenging ourselves to read several times a week and also workout! It’s not going quite as well as I’d like, but he’s helping me stick to my guns 😊.  My next weight loss goal is to lose about 35 lb. From there I will have about 60 lb to go to get to my final goal weight. It seems much more doable in 30 lb chunks. I will be doing at least one more round of hCG diet, probably 2.
I’m back on the part time job circuit. In my quest to reduce debt and eventually be debt free, there was really no other solution. Since buying a car and taking on a car payment, it was the only way I could reach my goals. I’m going to try and work all I can while school is out. Once August hits, it will be a new ball game. I have 3-4 smaller debts I am specifically targeting to pay off by the time August 14 hits (1st day of classes).

Me & Liam after my friend and MUA Alicia Williams of Pose Artistry did me up <3

On another equally important and positive note, my hair is growing and my face is glowing! Lol Get into this lenff!!!! I may have finally mastered this natural hair life! My hair feels the best it has in a while, I need a trim, but otherwise I have no complaints! So tell me what's going on in your first half of 2017!
When your skin is outchea glowing and your hair is outchea growing lol

Until again,
Bougie Beauty Babe

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