2018 Finna Be Lit

January 13, 2018

bringing in the new year with my favorite human being

the 2nd love of my life lmfao!

I 'm late AF per usual with my posting, but I promise I only write with great and positive news. My vision board was made and dang near completed about a month ago. I have had so many great experiences to draw inspiration from.

I finished my first semester of my LPN program with a 3.2! That's 2 Bs and an A. I'm soooo not mad about it! I had to withdraw from BIO because I was crashing and burning in the class due to not being able to keep up from the start of class, but I am retaking it this semester and I'm not settling for anything less than a B! Also, I am considering transferring to Midway's night program. I'd get my ADN and be that much closer to MSN. If that doesn't pan out I will stay at BCTC and finish the LPN program or transfer to Midway as an LPN instead. I've got options.

I started working another job (full time for a couple of months and then I will go to every other weekend). I'm working on an OB unit with both moms and babies. Y'all already know my heart is full! I'm on night shift by choice so I will be on Walking Dead mode for the next couple of months.

I'm taking a Creative Writing class this semester for kicks and because I miss writing. Shout out to CS for helping me realize just how much I truly needed to write again. I'm already geeked about the first assignment and truly looking forward to producing some great works over the next couple of months.

Liam finally got to resume his in-home behavior therapy and we have a great babysitter that both Liam and Luna love! Soon we hope to dive into ABA in the clinical setting at the center. My pockets are a little slimmer because of it, but she does homework with him, has taken him on some play dates and even offers to help out around the house. She's a really good kid and I'm glad to have found her.

In other news, I'm hoping to be a guest writer on a blog for bougie mamas lol :). How fitting right? I also plan to do more for this blog and be more active. Consistency is key. Stay on the lookout y'all for many more thangs to come. I'm hype about this year. Hype about my future and hype about ME! This is my time for ultimate self care and living my best life by my terms. I feel it in my bones.

Love and light y'all,
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