Through the Fire...Almost Nurse Cicely

May 2, 2019

photo by: Amani Nichae

These last 16 weeks of my life have been hell! I tried to summarize them in a lighter tone, but there is none! Not a one. Med Surg I & II kicked my ass up and down the classroom. By the time finals came around in both classes, my grade was teetering on the edge of glory. That one last test stood between me and the rest of my life. It was by the grace of God and points for difficulty that I am standing here now.

I can say as of today May 1, 2019, only the NCLEX-PN stands in my way of true Nurse Cicely glory. I can NOT formulate the words to express how relieved, emotional, elated, proud, happy, excited, invigorated I feel.

Life has been tough lately. I recently saw a post on a friend's IG that talked about an episode of Grey's Anatomy where she stressed the importance of having people. We ALL need people, we were not meant to navigate this world alone and that struck a chord within me. While as I single Mom I shoulder the brunt of the work, my parents, my grandparents, my siblings, my friends, Liam's babysitter and so many other people that know and love us HELP. Luckily, since Liam has been in ABA therapy life with Autism has been so much smoother, but it's not always easy. I thank God for all the wonderful people that love and accept Liam just how he is. Despite and maybe because of Autism, he is a quirky, fun, smart, charming ray of light in my life and in the lives of others.

Without their help, this is NO WAY I could have done it. There is no way things could be as amazing as they are now. I have an amazing village of people. So many people tell me that I inspire them without knowing that a lot of the time without their encouragement, listening and just rooting for me that I don't always feel like DOING IT! My classmates, coworkers, former coworkers, instructors, clinical instructors, family friends, the man I've been seeing, family, Liam, my closest friends have ALL been pulling for me and pushing me when I didn't know if I had any more in me.

I got so mentally and physically exhausted sometimes. I got overwhelmed. I got frustrated. Nursing school pushed me to the limits and without my tribe, I truly don't know how I would have made it! Here I am still standing.

I did my practicum (final clinical rotation) in the Brain Injury unit of Cardinal Hill which was a complete deviation from what I originally picked, but it really worked out for the best. I got to have a pretty awesome preceptor and meet some wonderful patients and reconnect with some former classmates. So while women's health is still my passion, I certainly learned a lot and have a newfound respect for the nurses and techs in BIU.

I really can't believe the 2nd chapter of my Nursing school journey is coming to a close and it's still surreal to know that May 3, 2019 (about 6 years to the time when I originally started my RN journey) I will be a Nursing school graduate. It's wild.

#IssaNurse photo by: Amani Nichae

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