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March 31, 2017

I'm sure by now y'all are TIREDT (yes with a "t") of hearing about my life lol. I actually made this blog to talk about my life AND beauty, the latter which has yet to be mentioned. As much as I am a no makeup-makeup kinda girl, mixing luxury, mid-range and drugstore brands to achieve a flawless face is a passion of mine! 

So let's talk about skin! You literally HAVE TO start with good skincare/good skin health to take your makeup to the next level. What the hell am I currently using?! Pretty much a host of things:

Cleanser: I usually use Shiseido Pureness cream or liquid or even Clarins, but when I ran out and needed something ASAP (last week), I stumbled upon and decided to try Shea Moisture African Black Soap cleanser. I love most of their hair products and it is 100% natural, paraben free AND black owned. WINNING! So far, so good. My face seems to be less oily, brighter and softer. It is pictured below. You can get it at Walmart, Target, drugstores and from their website directly. I got it for around $7.80.
                                                  Image result for shea moisture african black soap cleanser
Toner: I'm really bad and don't currently use one but I LOVED a mini size I got from Clarins not too long ago as a gift with purchase. It was balancing for Oily/Combo skin. It retails for around $26, but really is worth the buy.

                                                 Image result for clarins toner for oily skin
Moisturizer: Now here we get complicated lol. Working in retail cosmetics and part time at the Medspa has perks baby! For day time I use Z.O. Glycogent  (retail $70) which is a gentle exfoliator with 10% glycolic and lactic acids (HALLELUJAH!). Best of all it's not harsh and it's not a mechanical exfoliation. I use this daily and then put my Shiseido Ibuki Protective moisturizer with SPF 18 (retail $45). These have been my go-tos for the past 3 weeks and my skin is GLOWING!

                              Image result for zo glycogent

Night time moisturizer is a Strivectin cream called Advanced Retinol Intensive Night Moisturizer (retail $79) . Smooths my face and makes my face and neck super soft and supple come the morning time.
                                       Image result for strivectin night cream

Eye cream: Ah! MY favorite. I use YSL's Youth Liberator eye cream (retail $100)  during the day and sometimes the Dark Circle Corrector (always put this after the eye cream). At night I use YSL's Temps Majeur eye cream (retail $140) which is the bomb.com. It has been my favorite for almost 2 years now.

                                  Image result for ysl youth liberator eye creme 
                                   Image result for ysl temps majeur eye cream

There's my round up y'all! Any products you use from this list? Any suggestions? What are some of your beauty faves?!

Until again,
Bougie Beauty Babe 

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