March 28, 2017

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So I know, I know it has been a long time (25 days if you want to be exact), but it has been with good reason! I have really had a lot going on...I feel like this month has truly been a blur. In my usual journalistic style, I will give you a recap:

Tax season!
That tax return hit so I did what everyone usually does...I spent most of my money like a responsible adult paying up and getting caught up on bills :/...yeah, wonderful! lol

Began to Tap/Practice EFT
So I have dabbled in EFT and tapping before, but this month I really decided to step things up. I try to do it if not every day then every other day and if nothing else I feel better because of doing it. If you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about...go on YouTube and search for Brad Yates and then try anything listed under his "Quickie"'re welcome

Started the hCG Diet
It is probably the hardest thing I have ever done! lol Luckily, I have been steady losing weight and I'm at exactly 11 lb down today! I needed to do it! When I started I was like 40 lb heavier than my original HIGHEST WEIGHT EVER. It was scary and shocking. I knew that the time was now to make the change! 

School now or career now?
I'm facing the decision now to continue my life in beauty or return to Nursing school?! Staying in Kentucky my options are extremely limited as to what I can do and become. We only have really 4 major beauty retailers with a 5th on the way. Because Lexington is so small, just about everyone knows each other and has worked together or for the same companies in some capacity...I'm tired of that. I feel in my bones that I need to move out of the state to advance in beauty, but to where? When? How? I've been praying and putting things into action to help me make my decision. I do know that God and the Universe is looking out for me, so now I just await the sign or the right opportunity. I feel stifled and I need, no actually I demand freedom. 

Being a better Mom
I feel like as a working Mom it is super easy to get caught up in work and not focus on your kid. That's unacceptable for me in my life right now. I have been making a conscious effort to work on Liam's homework every night after work and have pep talks with him in the morning, Every day for the past week I've told him to have the BEST day. He took it a step further and told me that he's going to have a "rad" day or an "amazing" day. Either one will suffice! :) He's an amazing little boy and I'm trying to nurture and let him grow into an awesome human being. 

So that's the 411 on me! Hope all has been well out there in blogger world! 

Until again,
Bougie Beauty Babe

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