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February 27, 2017

I have never been petite. Like at all. EVER. in my life. Unless you count birth and the couple of years thereafter lol. Growing up I was always a bigger child, both in height and size, but was definitely active. I played basketball from age 6/7 until I was 17. I did Gymnastics for a small stint and generally loved to be outdoors and being active when I wasn't reading a book. 

As women, we are constantly scrutinizing and criticizing our bodies. It's actually pretty fucking sad because women are such magical and amazing beings! At my best I have lost about 75 pounds and kept it off for about a year. Getting out of healthy habits and not making time for exercise caused me to gain all of that weight back and then more. I'm truly thankful that my blood tests have always good, my hormones are not out of whack, but I still struggle with my wright. I realize that some people are predisposed to gain weight easily and have to always be mindful of the things they're eating. I am one of those people and it will be a struggle for me always. That is not to say that I can't lose weight or that I am incapable of being slim, but the societal and medical standards to which I am supposed to adhere will probably never happen for me and I'm okay with that.

thick slim lol 

My 20s have been a roller coaster of weights, but I do try to maintain at least some healthy practices. I love drinking copious amounts of water (FIJI if I'm gettin' REAL bougie lol). At my fittest and happiest, I enjoyed working out 4 to 5 days a week for 30 minutes to an hour. And although not very fun I do enjoy eating relatively clean because I love how my body feels and how it reacts i.e. weight loss.

me last year trying to get my mojo back. I did a before video

Although most women struggle with weight during pregnancy and have some body image issues, my weight decreased when pregnant with L and my body image issues were much better while pregnant. I appreciated my body for the fat burning, baby making machine that it was and I ate healthy, stayed active and felt great for the majority of my pregnancy. Now eight years later and significantly heavier than I was pregnant with L, I am feeling the strain of this extra weight and also the changes that come along with being older and having more weight on my joints and the rest of my body.

I love myself and my body currently, I know that fitness needs to be an integral part of my life again. I come from a family with multiple maladies and I know at this point the only way to avoid or lessen the chance of developing these illnesses is to get my weight under control and be commit a lifetime of healthy eating and exercising. These are also things that I would love to pass on to L and to engage in physical activity as a family.

me at one of my heavier weights in 2015, but still #iSlay

So this post is me taking a stand once again against my weight and continuing onto the next leg of my weight loss journey. I have to do this for myself, my son and my overall well being. I'm always gonna have bawdy, but I'd rather keep it on the less gut more but tip lol. We have one body and one life and I am literally going to try to do my best to treat both like the treasures they are!

Until again,
Bougie Beauty Babe 

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