29 is So Divine!

February 18, 2017

Hi Everyone!

February 1 29 years ago the Bougie Beauty Babe was born - literally! I can't believe this is the last year of my 20s! What an adventure it has been! 2016 was an entire year of learning. There is just so much to reflect on!

Here's what my 20s consisted of:

me and baby Liam :) 

Worst picture of life! lol think I took this my Senior year...was THAT happy to be graduating lmfao

20-22 - Had been working in skincare and beauty for a few months. I was in my last years of college and at 21 ended a horrendous relationship and leaving a person that didn't and never would serve me, then giving birth to my son. Graduated college at age 22, my son was 9 months old. Founded Liam Artistry, LLC. Did some modeling gigs in NYC. Dealing with being a new and single mom. Started working for Benefit cosmetics freelance and dealt with unemployment for the 1st time. Blogging my way through it, thinking I might become a lawyer. Took and studied for the LSAT.

22-23 - a whole bunch of discovery and dating trying to figure out motherhood and a hectic life in NYC as a single mom. Got some drinking and partying out of my system. Decided to move back to KY at 23. Tried dating in KY...it was a hot ass mess.

23-24 - living back home with my parents and my toddler son, trying to figure out WTF I was gonna do with my life and make sense of this damn Bachelor's degree I have with no clue wth I want to be when I grow up lol.  Went on weight loss journey to find my happiness. My Godson was born!

25-29 - Got certified as a CNA & Medical Interpreter. Got an amazing opportunity to meet and work with an amazing plus size designer in Seattle named Liesl Binx! I LOVE her!!! I met and have a relationship with a man and his 2 kids that I love. Quit working at the hospital and gained back some sleep, sanity and joy. Completed one semester of Nursing school and had to take a break. Liam was officially diagnosed with ASD.  Began working for YSL & Armani (2 companies I love). My brother Chris died when I was 27 and I miss him every day. Became a cat mom to Luna.

I'm sure there are some things I am forgetting, but I feel have been through a lot of life in just my 20s. There is a saying "Thank God I don't look like what I've been through"! Amen!

Until again,

Bougie Beauty Babe

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