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May 23, 2018

Every year I'm alive is a blessing, but something felt extra special about 30 for me. New decade, new possibilities and new places/things/people and more growth to be had. I decided to do a boudoir photo shoot for myself to celebrate many things: my body, my mind, my life, my strength, my beauty and to capture a moment in time. You only turn 30 once and I was/am super excited to begin my journey into my 30s.

I'm going to share a select few and the rest are for my own eyes and for me to enjoy. I want to look back on these pictures and remember who I was at that point in my life and hopefully compare it to who I will be at that time.

Photography was done by the ever amazing Erica Lee Photography. She's an amazing Lexington,KY based photog who specializes in Boudoir shoots. She's one of the best and I LOVE, LOVE working with her. Makeup was by my gyal Kristin Gray MUA, a Texas MUA based here in Lexington as well. If interested, I can slide you their contact info. I guaran-damn-tee these ladies are IT!

I now present to you: Dirty 30 Boudoir

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